Posture, Alignment and Ergonomic Correction: Sitting is the new Smoking!

Poor, sustained workstation posture is increasingly implicated in the prevalence of back and neck pain in the workplace. When poor postures are sustained over time, adaptations occur in the joints and soft tissues which essentially change the body’s biomechanics, leading to strain, pain and possibly irreversible damage. For an ideal workstation set-up that is meant to minimize strain on the back and neck, please download our ERGONOMIC LOGIC.

There is also an increasing trend of spinal pain in the younger “i-posture” generation who spend hours on phones, tablets, laptops or in front of monitors or screens in poor postures.

An effort to correct posture is actually an effort in correcting spinal alignment in pursuit of good spinal health.

Body Logic Physiotherapy routinely focuses on correction of postural alignment to neutral. Patients are taught how to attain and naturally maintain neutral spinal alignment.