Soft Tissue Disorders

Soft Tissue Disorders

Soft Tissue Disorders

The soft tissues in the body include muscle, tendons, fascia, ligaments as well as neural tissue.

Sporting injuries occur commonly in this category.

Muscle tears occur following excessive exertion or strain. Muscle strains are categorised as Grade 1: minor tear; Grade 11: moderate damage and Grade 111: complete rupture. Grade 111 injuries may require surgical correction.

Ligaments are bands of connective tissue that link bones in each joint. They may be damaged when a joint is strained beyond its normal range by an excessive force. Ligament sprains are also categorised as Grade1: minor tear; Grade 11: moderate tear or Grade 111: complete rupture.

Strains and sprains are treated with the aim of first ensuring good tissue healing and then strengthening.

Fascia is a web of fibrous connective tissue that permeates the body. Attention to the correction of fascial dysfunction is gaining increased importance in manual therapy.

Nerve tissue disorders may also be classified as a soft tissue problem. Altered neurodynamics, are however, commonly found in association with spinal problems or repetitive strain injuries.